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We calculate your interest rate based on your on-time repayment rating, your completed projects, and the type of financing.

We don’t hide costs, fees, or formulas, and we don’t use mysterious algorithms to calculate your interest rate.

Fairest Terms

We guarantee that your interest rate stays the same. This means if you repay early, your interest owed will decrease.

Most other local lending companies do not decrease the amount of interest owed, effectively increasing your interest rate throughout the project.

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Sign up for Investmint in just a few minutes. Explore the platform before you submit a project or fund someone else’s project.

We encourage exploration and want our users to feel comfortable and familiar with the platform.

Flexibility & Control

We will not limit your access to funding based on your financial past. We want to help fund what you can sell now.

We encourage borrowers to match their loan structure to the expected cashflow of the project. We give you the choice of repaying the capital after either 1, 2 or 3 months.



Diversify your portfolio while contributing to South Africa’s thriving Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) economy.



Fund your invoices or projects now so your business can flourish in the future. Check if you qualify to join Investmint’s growing network.

We're proud to provide a service that really works for the people

"Since we’ve been with Investmint, we’re not that frightened to grow. We’ve probably taken on about 10 to 15% more people and our business has grown 30%. We’ve actually increased our gross profit margins by between 2 and 3% ov...

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New Harbour Distillery started out as a 100% founder funded venture. Our business started off small, but soon the growth in both our sales and our client base started to grow exponentially and as a result, we couldn’t keep up w...

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Working with Investmint has been a pleasure, they have brought new meaning to the term "user-friendly”.Investmint is also able to secure funding for businesses in a short amount of time which helps tremendously. The team is ver...

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