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How to improve your chances of getting funding

July 25 2019

How to improve your chances of getting funding

You signed up, registered, and are ready to submit your first project to Investmint. 

Before you submit your project, make sure that you have the uploaded the correct documentation and details: 

Project Documents

Before your project is pushed live to the platform, it is sent to Investmint’s team to manually approve. We are here to assist with any questions you might have along the way.

Acceptable project documents Include: 

  • Invoice 
  • Purchase order; 
  • Project contract (or any other documents that detail the business that is in place between you and your client); 

These documents should have:

  • Your business’s name
  • The date of the invoices; 
  • The client's name  
  • The amount for the purchase order or invoice 
  • The date on which payment can be expected ( for the invoice) 

The above-mentioned documents will add context and assist Investmint in approving your project request before it goes live to investors. 

Your Pitch

No one wants to pour their capital into a metaphorical dark hole. Shine a light on the legitimacy of your project by writing a good pitch

Start off by giving a brief overview of the work that you are going to be doing for your client. Then move on to your trading history with your client - how long it generally takes them to settle invoices with you etc. 

For example, a pitch could read something like: 

“We have been contracted by a client to provide consulting services Cape Town office. This is a regular client of ours. We have been providing services to them for the past 3 years. We require funding in order to cover the costs of this job as we are only able to invoice on completion of the project. This client generally pays within 30 days from invoice. They currently have no outstanding invoices with us. ”

Investors are not able to see personal details of your project. If there are personal details included in your pitch, they might be removed to maintain anonymity.

Your Repayment Score

A good repayment track record is an excellent way to entice potential investors. Investors are able to see your overall repayment history on Investmint in the details of your project once it’s live in the project marketplace. 

It takes 5 trades for your repayment rating to take effect, which acts as an unbiased system of informing investors of your payment history. Punctual or early repayments will improve your score on the platform and will decrease the interest rate you pay.

Once your 6th project has been approved, your on-time repayment score will take effect. From The more repayments you make on time, the lower your interest rate will be.

Your track record, or score, as a borrower is reflected in your repayment rating and your completed projects. Better scores mean you're able to complete projects and repay on time - both very important for investors. 

Repayment Timing

Our loan agreements 1, 2 or 3 month agreements. 

When deciding which is best for you, the rule of thumb is to ROUND UP.

If you are going to be paid in 6 weeks, round up to two months and settle early.

It’s always better to repay early than late.