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The Referral Program


Sign up to be a referral partner

If you know owners of small and medium-sized businesses who require business capital, the referral program could be a great fit.


Invite business owners to register as borrowers

You will be issued a unique referral link which you can share with your network. You can also invite people directly from the platform.


Earn 15% of Investmint's fee

After your clients' loans are repaid, you will receive 15% of Investmint's share of the fee the client pays.

Learn more about requirements for borrowers

Number of clients referred

Total amount borrowed by each referred client

Project Type

Number of Repayments

Please note: Invoice factoring agreements have 1 repayment and project financing agreements have 1-3 repayments. Invoice factoring here is based on 30 days of interest.



15% of Investmint's portion of the fee based on a borrower's rating of 75% of their repayments on time

Understand interest calculations for borrowers

Borrowers pay different interest rates depending on their platform history.

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Investmint funds loans through invoice factoring or project financing


The example below assumes an invoice value of R100 000

The referral program is great for:

  • Accountants
  • Business coaches
  • Business owners
  • Financial advisors
  • Wealth managers
  • Finance managers
  • Venture capitalists
  • Management consultants
  • Anyone connected to SMEs who need business capital

Invoice funded by investor

85% advanced

R85 000 paid to borrower


Invoice is paid


R100 000 received


4% fee withheld

To be paid to Investor, Investmint, and referrer. Remainder paid to borrower.

R4 000 withheld
R11 000 paid to borrower


Fee split

R4000 fee split between investor, Investmint and referrer.

R2120 paid to Investor
R1 880 paid to Investmint
R282 paid to referrer


Unique Code

Your custom referral code is added to the platform. Using your code, we’ll ensure you get credit for every transaction your client completes.

Brand Collateral

Get access to brand assets like logos, graphics and brand guidelines to promote the program in the way the works best for you.


Keep track of your total payouts, future commission and most profitable clients, in one dashboard.

Repay on time and get rewarded