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5 Ways to Support South African SMEs during Covid

January 29 2021

5 Ways to Support South African SMEs during Covid

SMEs are the backbone of the South African economy. They are also the most at risk and the least resilient in times of crisis. That's why it is so important, now more than ever, to support them and keep our small businesses afloat during these unprecedented times.

Here are just a few ways you can support your local SMEs:

1. Share the business page on social media

Like it, support it, invite others to do the same. No matter which platform you use, social media is the most affordable and effective tool SMEs have to market their business to the masses. Interacting with them also helps them better understand their customers.

2. Word of mouth referralsĀ 

Take the time to share your experience with friends and family, acquaintances and share it on social media. People are far more likely to trust a recommendation from an actual customer. This is especially crucial for small businesses as they don't have the marketing budget most of the big enterprises have and, therefore, struggle to compete with them.

3. Buy local

The more support SMEs receive, the stronger our economy. SMEs account for more than 60% of all jobs, so you can see why it is so vital for us to protect and support them. Buying locally often means it's more affordable and better quality than bulk products from abroad.

4. Attend local events

Support the small craft markets, food trucks, and weekend food stalls. Bring your friends and family along, it's a great way to discover new businesses you might love!

5. Find new small businesses in your area

Make an effort to find a new business in your area, whether it be a restaurant, coffee shop, or craft store. You can use apps like Zomato to find new businesses. Drive around or ask friends and family for recommendations. You never know what hidden gems you might find!

So, how do you plan to support your local SMEs?