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Our Vision - How and why we do this

June 07 2019

Our Vision - How and why we do this

From politics to corruption, crime to inequality, unemployment and so on, there is so much negativity in South Africa today. We see it on the news constantly; it's all over social media, it's a part of our conversations with family, friends and colleagues, there seems to be a never-ending stream of all things negative. It's no wonder more and more people are packing their bags and leaving. But what about the good things South Africa has to offer, the positive things, the reminders of why we love this country and why we call it home?

We live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, a country with so much potential to grow, succeed and thrive, and we want to be around to see it. 

We've decided to put negativity aside, and instead, look at what's working for South Africa’s economic growth and focus on improving the process and getting even better results. What we know for certain is that the future of South Africa lies in the hands of the SME sector. It's the small to medium - sized businesses that are driving economic growth and providing employment, and we want to find a way to accelerate and speed up that process so that the fruits of South Africa may be enjoyed by all who live in it.

Entrepreneurs are the future.

Our goal is for them to succeed, but they face a lot of challenges; funding being the biggest challenge of them all. Access to funding for most business can be a game changer because it allows you to bridge the gap and leverage your business into the next stage of growth. That's why we've created Investmint, a platform for South African businesses to apply for financing and a place where investors can help other businesses grow and make a profit in the process too.

We don't have billions of Rands, and we don't have the backing of big capital; what we have is an idea that everyone involved can benefit from. We want to create a community where those who have are able to support those who need and generate a return in doing so.

We don't discriminate against our investors - some come with millions, and others with thousands, but they are here to join the Investmint community, and we welcome them. 

There's no denying that investors want to make money or that we're in this to make some money too, but we think that there is enough to go around, and we ask that all our investors hold in tension the need to earn a return and the need to make a difference.